Shared hosts for Hobbyists

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy setup
  • Minimal maintenance


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Opalstack is a hosting company started by a few former WebFaction employees after GoDaddy acquired WebFaction.

Dev-friendly SSH access with popular tools and languages preinstalled and the ability to install whatever you need.

A custom control panel which blends power and simplicity to let you easily manage your hosting account.

Fanatical customer service and expert technical support so that you can get the help you need when you need it.

14-day free trial on shared hosting.

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With our one-click installer, all you have to do is enter your Django project name, website ad­dress and admin login. The installer will do the rest for you!


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We ensure our customers' well-being by providing prompt and effective responses, and making things clear, simple, and intuitive. Django is already installed for you!

Dedicated/VPS hosts for Experts

  • Better performance
  • More customizable
  • Requires more technical knowledge


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A VPS hosting company built upon one simple premise: provide the best possible tools and services to those that know what they need — better hosting.


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  • Choose a server size and pay for what you use
  • Accessible via online control panel and open API
  • Now a part of Rackspace Cloud

Cloud hosts for Specialists

  • Integrated deployment
  • Scale resources easily
  • Pay for what you use


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Get up and running in minutes, and deploy instantly with git. Focus 100% on your code, and never think about servers, instances, or VMs again.


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Gondor was designed for people who want to deploy their Django sites early and often. Gondor frees you up to focus on your site, not your infrastructure.