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Agile deployment for Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python, and Scala.

Get up and running in minutes, and deploy instantly with git. Focus 100% on your code, and never think about servers, instances, or VMs again.

Run and scale any type of app.

Run any web or background process with any web framework or worker type. Get direct, granular control over your app's workloads. Scale distributed processes effortlessly with a single command. Easily scale to millions of users.

Total visibility across your entire app.

View consolidated, real-time logging and status from every component of your app and from Heroku itself as it deploys your app, manages your processes, and routes traffic.

Erosion-resistant architecture. Rich control surfaces.

Heroku takes full responsibility for your app's health, keeping it up and running through thick and thin, while you manage and command your app with a full set of control surface APIs.

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